Day 1295: King Swing

Posted: 2014/05/29 in Indie Games

This game has been on my radar from a while. Word on the street was that it was a great game with a lot of great ideas, but some niggling camera issues and that a fix was promised. I don’t know if the fix has been implemented or not yet, but I had good results with it “King Swing”‘s camera.

It comes to us from Carlo Sunseri, of “Snowboard 2D”, and they’re not utterly unrelated. Both it and “King Swing” are forced runners that do their best not to feel like one, by implementing platforming elements. “King Swing” takes it further by introducing a physics model (it claims to be the first indie game to do so, but I wonder how that could be when I reviewed “CarneyVale Showtime” 1278 days ago).

So your ape gets to swing back and forth, this way and that, with well-times jumps to make and a physics model to exploit. That’s all I needed to want to finally try it out. It comes with global leaderboards, a bunch of game modes, and even a day and night cycle. At least worth a free trial.

Here’s what the publisher (Carlo Sunseri) has to say about the game:

“King Swing is the first ever physics based swinging game for Xbox Live Indie Games. Fly high above the jungle canopy launching from one dangerous cliff to the next! However, make a mistake and you will tumble toward the river below, quickly becoming a victim of hungry piranhas! ***Features include ragdoll physics, online high scores, three unique game modes, day and night cycle***”


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