To all good things…

Posted: 2014/05/30 in Indie Games

…there is an end. The transition to new consoles has been hard on Xbox Live Indie Games, it seems, with releases drying up. I’ve plumbed the indie games catalogue on the Xbox a lot of times, and there may be a few gems in the rough I missed, but it’s probable that I won’t find many more. At least not many more games that *I* think are hidden gems, as everyone’s opinion is different.

Is that the end for WMD? Definitely not. I

intend to keep reviewing quality Xbox 360 indie games as I trip across them, and also review Xbox One indie games in the future. I started the blog to counteract what I saw as a perception that XBLIG titles were all poorly made massage apps, and with over 1300 games under my belt (considering I started with several retrospective reviews on games I already owned, before the daily reviews began) I think I’ve done that.

Thank you to everyone who’s followed me this whole time, and I intend to keep striving for daily posts.

UPDATE: Something strange happened with posts not showing up immediately lately, this should have been posted on the 30th, but instead showed up today. Sorry about that!

  1. andregurov says:

    I’ll be sad to see the daily reviews go, but the body of work here is hugely impressive. Job well done! I’d love to see a set of reviews of your most memorable favorites (perhaps that is what the re-reviews are?).

    • The daily reviews may be gone, but after nearly four years of my life doing them perhaps I can be forgiven that! :) My goal is for daily posts to continue, however. Some of those posts will still be reviews, but not all, and I have several ideas for what those posts might be. Re-reviews of games that deserve an additional look is one, memorable favourites is another, top ten lists is another (though *that* is a tough one, when you have about 1300 to troll through to come up with a “best of” list, even if you break it down into a genre).

  2. Dream Poet says:

    Congrats on making this far. I’ve made a daily trek to your sight for well over a year (maybe 2) and it’s going to be different but have been expecting this for some time now.

    I’ll keep you on my daily rotation of course and keep on keeping on.

    • Dream Poet says:

      In fact I just realized I went through 3 name changes the whole time I’ve been around. Started off as DavidLovesSandy then ImTheMetalLord and now Dream Poet.

      • I didn’t realise that you three were all the same person! But I can be a little slow on uptake on occasion. :)

        Thanks for the congratulations. I once stated I didn’t know when I would run out of games to review, but that I was certain it would be before I hit 1000 reviews. So much for that! :)

        And, yes, I still have daily posts as a goal.

  3. NVO Games says:

    XBLIG isn’t quite dead yet. I just released a game on it! :)

    Still, definitely almost there. The peer review queue is mostly game updates with a few new games thrown into the mix. Sad, but inevitable.

    Thanks for your tireless work in promoting XBLIG Steven!

    • Mike says:

      I had to search back for this …. to see when it ended. Even though I haven’t checked in years, it’s amazine that you stopped relatively recently.

      You treated the game I contributed to kindly, and I appreciate that even though it never went anywhere. I think tablets are better suited for the wacky little arcade type games that most XBLIG games were trying to be. The problem there, is how many tilt and tap games can the world consume?

      Have you ever considered branching out to tablet game reviews?

      Anyhow, thanks for all the reviews. It was an amazing accomplishment.

  4. Mr. Domino says:

    Belated congratulations for lasting this long! I remember you started out with the intent of doing just one a day for a year, and that alone is a huge commitment… but three years is something else. Hope you enjoy your new found free time.

    It’s really too bad Microsoft hasn’t extended support to the Xbox One. I don’t think the public really understood what an excellent gateway to game design XNA was for people and how many developers it inspired. I know it’s not there just yet, but I’m sorry to see it on its way out.

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