Re-review: We Are Cubes

Posted: 2014/06/01 in Indie Games

A game I reviewed waaaaaay back on Day 617, and one deserving of a second look, “We Are Cubes” is a game that reminds me a bit of classic shoot-’em-ups. Some of the more challenging classic shmups limited the number of shots you could peel off until they landed on an enemy or obstacle, or managed to make their way all across the screen. “We Are Cubes” brings this feature back, and its effect is the same as it’s always been: it forces you to act less like fire support, and more like a sniper. Every shot has to count.

The actual gameplay has you traveling down an unrelenting path, looking a bit like the Death Star trench run through the enhanced computer imaging aboard the Rebel Alliance fighters in Star Wars. You shoot at objects traveling towards you, dodging where necessary. And dodging you will have to do, as enemy actions aren’t quite as clear cut as you would expect them to be, and once dodged they’re not finished yet and will keep coming for you (so watch your Six). You’ll also find yourself having to hit enemies repeatedly, splitting and transforming them into destructible states, which reminded me of Intellivision classic Astrosmash (and anything that reminds me of an Intellivision classic is a good thing in my books).

Here’s what the developer (1BK) has to say about the game:

“Spheres are the enemy! Fire bullets, collect upgrades and use powerups to destroy them! Includes 2 addictive game modes, local multiplayer, online high scores, awardments and unlockable content!”


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