Retrospective: Music games apocalypse, and are dancing games next?

Posted: 2014/06/03 in Indie Games

Here’s a post I started authoring on November 20th, 2010. I never completed it, let alone posted it, but it sadly seems to be coming true.


DDR went from a chart-topping phenomenon to a cottage industry that’s a reliable profit driver for Konami, and for third-party peripheral makers like Mad Catz.

What will be interesting to see is how Dance Central changes that, if at all.

The music games have the problem of too many entrants, whereas Konami hasn’t had to share the dancing game genre much until now (there was Pump It Up Exceed, but it wasn’t exactly significant competition at retail).


It’s an interesting time capsule to look back at my thoughts on how the Rock Band/Guitar Hero era ended prematurely thanks to oversaturation of the market, and how that might happen to the dancing game genre too. And I think that did happen to a degree, though not quite the crash and burn that the plastic guitar crowd experienced. Which is a shame, because if they had been more sparing in their releases, the genre might still be a going concern.


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