What I like about…

Posted: 2014/06/04 in Indie Games

I actually thought I had posted this. I authored it in January, but here it is. What I like about…


…the Transformers live action films.

I’ll go see almost anything that’s science fiction in the theatre, so I’ve seen my share. I don’t go see anything that’s action, but I’ve seen a fair number of them. And they’ve helped me see what it is that I like about the live action TF films.

I’ve decided that I like seeing the humans fighting along the Transformers. Those scenes are very poignant for me, as they fight the good fight amongst giants. Most movies that have regular humans fighting alongside those more powerful than them, and superhero films are especially bad about this, suggest that the humans are absolutely helpless without them. It’s the “Captain Planet” syndrome: we could save the environment if only we have an ecological superhero at our side! But life isn’t like that. Humans have to take care of our own messes if we’re going to get anywhere, and I like that the films show that small acts can have significant consequences, even against steep odds.



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