Xbox 360 (XBLIG) review: Rock Bottom

Posted: 2014/06/14 in Indie Games

“Rock Bottom”. It comes to us from the publisher of “Get Rich or Die Gaming” and “The Rise of Gaddafish”, and it’s equally zany.

You don’t play “Rock Bottom” for a cohesive story, you play it for craziness for craziness’ sake. You’ll either find them endearing or annoying, so a free trial is in order, but if you like other Baller Industries games it’s worth a shot. Gaddafish is probably the best of the bunch, but if you’ve finished that then this might be worth another $1.

Here’s what the publisher (Baller Industries) has to say about the game:

“A life of crime leads to life in jail, and that is exactly where Wilson Cooper starts his day. Only this day is different, this day he is going to break out. Unfortunately he is not a smart man, guide him out of jail and into a rock solid life. LONG LIVE GLORIOUS NATION LIBYA.”


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