Xbox 360 (XBLIG) review: Match with Wally

Posted: 2014/06/17 in Indie Games

If you’re like me, and you like dry/dark humour, then I strongly recommend you watch this video, and jump right to the 25:05 mark:

This is a video made by someone else, not me. Feel free to watch the whole thing if so inclined, but it’s just past the 25 minute mark where I really start to enjoy the video.

I can listen to this over and over, I think it’s hilariously dry comedy. It really rubs me the right way.

As for the game itself? “Match with Wally” is a (mostly) competent edutainment title for Xbox Live Indie Games, and worth a free trial if you have young kids who might benefit from, and enjoy, this. But that video. Man. Can’t stop laughing. Maybe it’s just me.

Here’s what the publisher (Water Bear Interactive) has to say about the game:

“Water Bear Interactive LLC presents Match with Wally for the X-Box 360. Match with Wally allows the child to match Upper and Lower case letters, Star blocks with Number Blocks, Shapes and colors with their name block. The software uses randomization to reduce patterns and encourage learning. Match with Wally is part of the Alexander Learning Series.”


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