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I’m a fan of “We Love Hamsters” which has produced a lot of quirky games that rubbed me the right way. This is the sequel to one of them. “LCD Dungeon System XL” reimagines

Day 871: Space Egypt

Posted: 2013/03/30 in Indie Games

We Love Hamsters Software, “which previously brought us a bunch of games I’ve reviewed”, seems to remember the Intellivision as fondly as I do. It was a system well ahead of its time, as the first system to give players a bunch of buttons, the first system to deliver a so-called “god game” in “Utopia”, […]

Day 817: Nuke War ’84

Posted: 2013/02/03 in Indie Games

I didn’t buy this after playing through the trial the first time. I only barely decided to buy this after the second trial today. But the longer I played “Nuke War ’84”, and the more I understood it, the more I liked it. The game comes to us from “We Love Hamsters Software”, who also […]

Some games invoke the Atari 2600 era, others make you want to un-box your Intellivision or Colecovision. Other offerings might make you nostaligic for the NES, the Genesis, or the Super Nintendo. “Superdimension Iliad” does something interesting, it tries to make you yearn for all of the above by having you play through the 8-bit […]

Yesterday and today form a rare pair of reviews: both similar types of games, both from the same developer in fact, but both different enough to be individually recommendable. Whereas yesterday’s game (“LCD Dungeon System”) was like the classic Intellivision game “AD&D: Treasure of Tarmin” de-made for an old-school two-screen LCD handheld (the kind that […]

The Mattel Intellivison, first released to the public in 1979 (and firstly broadly released in 1980) is a system that is near and dear to my heart, and was drastically ahead of its time. With its numeric keypad it offered sophisticated control options that we’d never seen on a game console before. One of the […]