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Day 1268: Midnight Bite

Posted: 2014/05/01 in Indie Games

So it’s not quite Splinter Cell, it is a stealth action game that has a lot going it. And it’s from my favourite prolific XBLIG developer, Milkstone Studios, who have too many games to list. I mean that literally, I’ve reviewed more Milkstone titles than I have time to list today. “Midnight Bite” has you […]

Day 1105: Avatar Tennis!

Posted: 2013/11/19 in Indie Games

Ah “Milkstone”, how I heart thee. I have reviewed dozens of your games by now. You do a lot of things really well, and release surprisingly few sequels in relation to your total output. “Avatar Tennis!” is an excellent addition to your pantheon. I first discovered

Coming to us from ]“Milkstone”, which has such a large number of games that I’ve reviewed I’ve actually long since lost count, comes “Red Invasion: Tower Defense”. With a motif that looks a bit like a tower defence re-imagining of Command & Conquer, “Red Invasion: Tower Defense” does some interesting things I haven’t seen before. […]

Day 978: Office Affairs

Posted: 2013/07/15 in Indie Games

I cannot tell you how shocked I am that I am reviewing this. It’s from the developer who punked all us all with “Game 35” that, despite its title and a promising-sounding premise, contains *no* actual gameplay. After that experience I swore off them. Or I thought I had. I relented recently and reviewed “Fatal […]

“Milkstone” has released a lot, an awful lot, of games that I’ve reviewed. Far more than any other XBLIG developer, in fact. One was “White Noise: A tale of Horror” was one, and it’s earned an improved sequel in “White Noise Online”. This is the definitive

Day 948: ShootOut

Posted: 2013/06/15 in Indie Games

Do you hate getting your ass handed to you in online FPS gameplay? Sure, we all do. What you need is an first-person shooter (FPS) trainer. I passed on Milkstone’s “Firing Range”, but decided to review the much-improved “Firing Range 2”. Well, “ShootOut” brings

This game had failed to command my interest, but it was “the following comment from andregurov” that made check it out: “since you’ve mentioned one of my favorite XBLIG games in Zombie Football Carnage (the name is so flowery!), yes, it is a bit repetitive – there isn’t anything to do but survive waves of […]

I liked “Avatar Farm!” several months ago, but “Avatar Farm Online” brings several much appreciated upgrades. This comes from

I somehow got well into reviewing this game before I noticed it was from one of my favourite XBLIG developers: “Milkstone”, a developer for whom I’ve reviewed too many games to list. This is a huge departure, from a developer who’s known for huge departure (so how big a departure is it, then?). “White Noise: […]

Day 834: Avatar Farm!

Posted: 2013/02/21 in Indie Games

I passed on this when it first came out, but a steady stream of updates (currently on version 1.7, with a long stream of both bug fixes and content additions) and a price drop to 80 MSP put it back on my radar. That and it comes from Milkstone Studios (the “Sushi Castle”, “Little Racers […]