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(Note: I’m not the poster of the video). I’m mostly reviewing this to let people who enjoyed the previous installments know it exists. If you’ve played and enjoyed the previous games in the Trailer Park King series (“Trailer Park King” and “Trailer Park King Episode 2”), then I recommend “Trailer Park King 3DD”. If not, […]

“Trailer Park King” was a guilty pleasure that I enjoyed, and my past interest in the TV show “Trailer Park Boys” didn’t hurt either. “Trailer Park King Episode 2” brings back the formula with another episode of zany chracters, mini-games, and a story that’s more Monty Python (“And now for something completely different,”) than it […]

There are some games that inspire divided opinion. One of them is “Trailer Park King”, that is both heralded and reviled. That is reason enough to check it out, if you ask me. But first, I have a confession to make:

From the creators of the “Trailer Park King” comes. “Cherry Poke Prison”. It’s actually a side story to that series (with the King actually making a cameo at the beginning). The game is full of