Has your new Xbox Live Indie Game (XBLIG) passed peer review and you’re excited to announce it to the world? Have you ported your XBLIG to another platform? Did you just hit #1 in a leadboard? Then leave a comment here (links OK too) and let the world know. And be sure to subscribe to be notified of new comments to this point, to be notified of new announcements from indie game developers, and to subscribe to new posts to get the new WMD in your mailbox every day. And who knows, promoting your game here might help it get reviewed down the road.

  1. Andy Gibson says:


    Just a heads-up ‘Little Acorns’ makes it on to Xbox Indie this week (fingers-crossed)
    Expect 80 levels of pixel-perfect platforming as Mr. Nibbles tries to feed his every-growing family.
    EXCLUSIVE to the Xbox version is a 2-up co-o mode for double the fun.

    Teaser trailer –
    Stay in touch at

    If you need any more information just mail me, or skype ‘sweetalphonse’ or email

    Andy Gibson
    Team Pesky

  2. the Crizz - Project Manager/Graphic Art says:

    Produce Wars is coming soon to XBOX Live Indie Games. We’ve already received comments that the game looks like it may be one of the best XBLIG has seen in a while. We just hope that they are right. :)

    Judge for yourself by watching the preview trailer here:


  3. Here is a video of Smudged Cat’s XBLIG game, Gateways. In this voice-over video I show how each of the different gateway types (regular, resizing, rotation and time travel) function and solve a puzzle using the time travel gateway gun.

    Gateways was released for XBLIG and PC earlier in 2012.

  4. Kris says:

    Trivia or Die: Movie Edition is out now for XBLIG.

    Best movie trivia in the land!

  5. kriswd40 says:

    Our title 2D Voxel Madness is available now too!

  6. Hello!

    Platformer From Hell is now on the marketplace, and we would love for you to review it! If you send me an email at HoosierGames at gmail, I’d be happy to send you a promotional code for a free copy! Here’s some information about the game.

    Platformer from Hell takes the well known video game tropes of gravity, switches, and platforms and pushes them to their limit. Hell is a dangerous place, but also a tricky one. It boasts platforming that requires both puzzle logic and fast reaction times. The game’s star, “Tie Guy” can platform with the best of them, but is completely ready for you to repeatedly eviscerate him in the dark and varied depths of Hell during his attempted escape.

    While you dismember Tie Guy over and over in 25 levels of futile escape attempts, don’t forget to lust unnecessarily after the 25 bonus dollars that are the key to unlocking 5 more bonus levels, and reuniting “Tie Guy” with his one true love, Pastrami. Take control of Tie Guy to navigate thrilling jumps and mind boggling gravity puzzles in the first platformer truly from Hell.

    Platformer from Hell is an easy game to dive right into as the controls for Tie Guy are accessible to veteran gamers and first time gamers alike. The replay value of Platformer from Hell comes from our creative level design and clever use of simple mechanics. Levels will have you desperately attempting another escape run, even after countless failed attempts.

    Platformer from Hell was developed by Team Up and Over, a collection of developers who formed under Hoosier Games and made the game entirely for no pay. Profits from Platformer from Hell go back to Hoosier Games to help budding game developers in Indiana attend industry events like Game Developers Conference and grant them access to new development tools. Platformer from Hell is a true labor of love from gamers to gamers, that funds new developers, only costs a dollar, and you can try out some levels for free by just heading to the indie arcade on your xbox and downloading the trial.

    For more information about the student run Hoosier Games program at Indiana University, visit


    Nathan Finley
    Executive Producer of Hoosier Games

  7. Hey all!

    Its a little early but next month we shall be releasing our début title S.D.G.T onto the marketplace. Check out the video and let us know what you think!



  8. Ansar Mubarak says:

    Our new shooter game ‘Protect Our Base’ got published on the marketplace yesterday.

    It can be found here:

    Candela Creations

  9. I am one of the co-creators of Ricochet Assassin and Ricochet Assassin Lost Levels. My friend and I have released Zombie Square 2. We put a lot of hard work into it and it seems people are liking it.

    Play and rate it. We would appreciate it!!!

  10. Zac Wootton says:

    Here is a trailer of my upcoming game Dinora, an open world 2D sandbox adventure game.



  11. Cameron Cole says:

    My new take on a hybrid mix of tower defense/action/strategy was just released today. It would be great if you could check it out.

    XBLIG Page:

  12. We where massively delayed in our peer review process, a killer at almost 3 months!! But finally our first title S.D.G.T is on the market if you guys want to check it out:



    K2 Games

  13. Our new game Flippin’ Shadows just came to XBLIG about a week ago. Compete to get the most points trying to guess what object’s shadow is flippin’ around behind the curtain! Please try it out, and let us know how you like it!

    Xbox Marketplace Link:

  14. Zac Wootton says:

    Dinora has passed peer review and will be available on XBLIG from 15th May 2013. A 2D open world adventure. Check out the new trailer if you want to know more:

  15. Anthony Popp says:

    Check out my game Happy Pong. It is a action packed classic arcade game with a modern twist. OR as I would say, “An acid trip”.

    Market Link:


    Facebook page:

  16. tikipod says:

    Hi – our pixel shooter Aqua Kitty launched onto XBLIG on 9th June 2013 (not the best timing with E3 kicking off). This game in an upgraded version of the Vita version which reviewed well last year scoring 8/10 or better.
    Pilot your submarine and defend the milk mining kittens under the ocean from mechanical sea creatures – the milk must flow!

    Please check out the trailer:

    And here is the Marketplace link:


  17. Hi,

    Dungeon Smash was released on 1st July 2013. It’s a 1-4-player, local co-op, twin-stick-shooter with a unique story-player interaction mechanic.

    Story playlist:
    Press release:
    Screenshots, Illustrations & Box-art:
    Marketplace link:

    Thank you,

  18. Peter Leahy says:

    Dirchie Kart 2 is retro kart racing fun without the retro frustrations, its compact but detailed racing model distils a much larger simulation type race experience down to a juicy few minute burst.

    Full Avatar support, the cast of original characters, vehicles and locales provide a fun backdrop for the single and split screen multiplayer modes. The unique party mode (where the players alternately select from Race, Battle and Drag events), penalty system and item pickup or shop modes allow players to personalise their multiplayer experience. It can even be played as a drinking game if you are so inclined.

    Xbox Live Marketplace:

    Game home page:



    • I loved the original Dirchie Kart, so this is one I would recommend people check out! I’ll be checking it out myself, once it drops off the Dashboard. Here’s hoping it doesn’t anytime soon! :)

  19. Heheheheeh says:

    You have played block-matching games before, but you have never experienced the dual-stick single player or the cooperative multiplayer action of Angry Blocks. Whether on the same couch, thru System Link, or over Xbox Live, you can connect with a friend to take your block matching skills to the next level. Can anyone possibly handle all 21 colors at once? Good Luck!

  20. PoppGames says:

    A new XBLIG is in town, Zombie Mine Quest

    Zombie Mine Quest has just been released on the Xbox 360. It was inspired by ASCII text adventures and rogue-likes, except it has a modern twist. Check this procedural-generated dungeon crawler out.

    Please check out the trailer:

    And here is the Marketplace link:

    Or like us on Facebook:

  21. Paul says:

    Hello there,

    My new vert shooter Super Killer Hornet Resurrection has just been released on XBLIG.

    You reviewed the original one a while back(Day 727 I believe) and you quite liked it.

    Hope you get a chance to try out the new one :)
    Here’s a link to the trailer

    If you want a promo code just drop me an email.

    Thanks man,


  22. I just released my first XBLIG game – “Bitcoin Tycoon”.

    Here’s the trailer:

    Build your small town into a bustling metropolis using the power of virtual currency. Starting with only a small hot-dog stall, you must accumulate Bitcoin, breed Alpacas, build Hydroelectric power stations, and wrangle with Red Tape to create a thriving city.

    Screenshots and a trailer are available on the official website:

    And of course the marketplace link is:

  23. My first XBLIG game too … looks like we are the ones late to the party ;-)

    The game is an exploration of short challenges with ‘broken controls’. It’s a bit mean.


    Download link:

  24. tarhik says:

    Hello Everyone,

    After almost a year and a half of hard work, I’m proud to announce that I have published one more XBLIG game, “Battle for Demon City”, which hit the marketplace recently. It’s a 3D Third-Person-Shooter where the objective is to gun down all enemies while uncovering the culprit of such riot. Here’s a link to a video that describes, in a nutshell, what the game is about.

    As the video shows, it’s a “light” game that tries to cater to people that find the average “FPS Zombie Game” a little bit too overwhelming or too dark for their taste. Among the features that make it a different experience than other shooters available in the marketplace are:
    * Detailed, true frame-to-frame animation (over 200 animation sequences for a total of over 2300 frames),
    * Hair animation & face expression,
    * Mazes created randomly to increase re-playability,
    * A witty story.

    I’m crossing my fingers, hoping that the game lives up to your expectations.

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